Destination Management Plan

The Murray Destination Management Plan (DMP) provides the blueprint to secure growth and economic vibrancy for the region.

The DMP is a strategic plan which builds on the outcomes of the Murray Region DMP 2012, to provide an updated strategic approach to prioritising key tourism experiences and product development and ensure continued sustainable growth of the visitor economy.

It is the result of significant consultation and engagement with a broad range of stakeholders, from governments to tourism operators, large and small. Tourism is the second largest employer along the Murray, providing 20 per cent of the region’s jobs. It also draws billions of dollars into local economies, making the sector’s growth crucial for the region.

In 2017 the visitor economy supported:
• 5.4 million visitors (daytrip and overnight).
• $2.9 billion in visitor expenditure in the region (direct and indirect).
• 24,968 tourism related jobs (direct and indirect), representing 19.9% of total employment in the region.

The video below provides a short visual summary of the DMP.

Media Releases

Murray Regional Tourism (MRT) is the only Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) in Australia that includes areas within two states, Victoria and New South Wales. The Councils that form the MRT region have been organised into five regions for analysis, including Eastern Murray, Mid-East Murray, Central Murray, Mid-West Murray and Western Murray.

Download our Destination Management Plan media releases for the Murray Region and specific for each sub region;