Crisis Management Plan

The Murray Regional Tourism (MRT) Crisis Management Plan has been developed so that in the event of a crisis, MRT can take a proactive stance and quickly and effectively respond to ensure that impacts on the tourism industry are minimised.

The purpose of this plan is to provide MRT with an effective crisis management plan that may be enacted in the event of a tourism related crisis within the Murray Region. It focuses on the three major phases of crisis management; planning, execution and recovery.

The plan aims to:
• Minimise confusion amongst visitors about the crisis event, and support their safety;
• Increase understanding of the tourism industry’s needs amongst stakeholders who are making decisions in response to the crisis, such as the emergency services agencies;
• Minimise misinformation in the media;
• Reduce booking cancellations and loss of business;
• Help to protect the region’s brand/reputation;
• Increase the resilience of tourism operators to manage their business successfully through a crisis;
• Rapidly restore visitor confidence.