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Murray Regional Tourism have recently developed an image gallery to store and share creative assets with government, industry and media to help promote the region. By licensing the software to the destination partners, the collection of assets will grow from a small library to a collection of usable assets across a number of stakeholders and further extend the reach of Murray content.


  • Single platform for Murray Regional Tourism and Destination Stakeholders to securely store all assets.
  • Different permission levels allows the management of assets and metadata by Murray Regional Tourism and Destination Stakeholders while enabling media, industry, STOs and other approved stakeholders access to request use of content.
  • Smart tagging, metadata and file naming conventions saves time, allows for better search, provides more search results for use and allows both MRT and Destination Stakeholders to undertake content gap analyses in planning future content.
  • The Murray image gallery is hosted on the same platform as Tourism Australia, Visit Victoria, Destination New South Wales, Parks Victoria and NSW Parks and Wildlife making The Murray compatible with Government partners for better sharing of assets and heightened consideration in marketing activity.


How does it work for you?

Destination and Industry partners alongside media and government can search for content within The Murray image library and request access to images and video to use to promote the region.

Operators with images that they would like to be included in the image gallery can do so by contacting their participating local government and signing an agreement to allow that government body to distribute images on their behalf. If an operator is prepared to sign such an agreement but their local government is not a partner in the program, they may contact Murray Regional Tourism and the same arrangement can be made.

Destinations that have not yet joined the program to showcase their content can do so by contacting Murray Regional Tourism.

Image Gallery