Strategies and Plans

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Murray Regional Tourism has developed key strategies and plans to support and highlight MRT's specific role in realising the long-term tourism objectives of the entire region.

Strategic Plan

Our key aim is to strengthen the region’s visitor economy by building tourism product, industry resilience, developing quality and inspirational visitor experiences and promoting the region in partnership with both the public and private sector.

The focus of the Strategic Plan is to achieve the Murray’s industry potential of $2.25 billion of visitor expenditure by 2024 by attracting 7.3 million visitors. This in turn will support 22,500 jobs in the Murray region.

Our strategy is based on delivering significant impact through five strategic priorities (referenced pg. 6 to 10):

• Regional Marketing

• Product Development

• Leadership and Advocacy

• Industry Development

• Governance and Sustainability

Download MRT's Strategic Plan

Destination Management Plan

The Murray Regional Tourism Board have undertaken this Destination Management Plan to improve the quality and range of the tourism product offer with a view to driving increases in visitation, length of stay and the visitor experience. It is based on developing an understanding of the region’s tourism markets, triggers for visitation, tourism product gaps; and identifying projects that will have a significant impact on the tourism industry in the Murray Region.

Destination Management Planning is a process that ensures tourism adds value to the economy, social fabric and ecology of communities. Destination Management Plans draw on research, analysis and consultation to make recommendations relating to both the demand for and supply of tourism products and experiences within a region. This process also considers the economic benefits to a region attributable to tourism, in this instance through the attraction of both investment and additional visitation.

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Annual Report 2019-2020

The Murray Regional Tourism Annual Report 2019-2020 provides an overview of the organisations achievements and outcomes under key performance and strategy pillars.

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