Research & Resources

Research & Resources

Make informed decisions with expert information

The team at Murray Regional Tourism is committed to improving the visitor experience by providing our stakeholders and businesses with relevant research and resources.

Understand more about the broader tourism industry, the Murray region, and the people who visit with our regularly-updated reports. Use this information to ensure you cut through; reaching the right people with the most appropriate messages.

The tourism industry is a key economic driver for the Murray region. The visitor economy directly employs over 24,000 full-time staff and accounts for 17% of total employment. Visitation to the Murray continues to grow with 5.3 million visitors coming to the region contributing $1.4 billion in direct expenditure to the local economy. Domestic visitor nights reached 7.4 million and international visitor nights increased to 1.2 million in the year ending March 2017.

Our regionally-focused resources include: