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The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse - better known as ATDW and referred to as Get Connected in NSW - is Australia's national platform for digital tourism information. It showcases tourism products, services and events across a wide range of Australian online platforms.

An ATDW listing gives you valuable exposure online to reach more visitors at different stages of their trip from planning through to when they are in the destination and looking for places to stay, things to do, or what to eat and drink. Through ATDW you will create a listing for your business, adding your own description and photos.

Tourism operators and event organisers only have to list their business or event on ATDW once to enable a range of distributors such as Visit Victoria, Visit NSW, and our own Visit The Murray website.

ATDW's digital database supports over 40,000 listings that are published by over 150 online distributors.

What are the benefits of an ATDW listing?

Increased online exposure and digital presence
A dedicated page on ATDW for your event or business, along with exposure across the websites of multiple distributors.

Saves time and money
You only need to load your information once and it will be distributed across multiple channels and websites without you having to do provide the same information multiple times.

It's easy and puts you in control
Create and update listings whenever you need. Your updates will automatically apply across any website choosing to display your ATDW listing.

A trusted site
ATDW meets national standards and assures high quality listings.

What does a listing look like?

The Visit the Murray website includes many examples of ATDW listings.

How can I create an ATDW listing?

  1. Register your account at
  2. Create your listing. Be sure to use an accurate description, images and videos
  3. Click ‘Send For Review’
  4. Wait for your listing to be reviewed. It will then appear on ATDW and the websites of a network of distributors.

Information for NSW tourism operators and event organisers

In NSW, ATDW is referred to as Get Connected.

Get Connected is Destination NSW’s website membership program. Simple and easy to use, Get Connected membership is FREE for NSW registered tourism business and events.

More information from Destination NSW:

Need help setting up or updating your ATDW listing?

For help setting up a new ATDW listing or updating your existing listing, contact the local ATDW support in your destination.