Australian Tourism Data Warehouse


The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse, better known as the ATDW, showcases tourism products, services and events across a magnitude of online platforms in Australia. It is Australia’s national platform for digital tourism information on Australia.

We encourage all organisers and operators to make use of the ATDW to promote their tourism related business or event.

The ATDW allows an operator to list a business or event once, on ATDW, and then allows a group of distributors to pull your listing on to their own website. This includes large distributors such as,, and us at The digital database supports over 40,000 listings which are published by over 150 online distributors.

What are the benefits of listing with the ATDW?

  • Increased online exposure and digital presence. A dedicated event page on the ATDW for your event or business, along with exposure across websites by multiple distributors.
  • Saves time and money. You only need to load your information once and it will be distributed across multiple channels and websites without you needing to do a thing!
  • It is easy to do and puts you in control. Create and update listings whenever, your updates will automatically apply across any website choosing to display your ATDW listing.
  • A trusted site. The ATDW meet national standards and assures high quality listings.

How can I create a listing on the ATDW?

  1. Register an account by heading to
  2. Create your listing, be sure to use an accurate description, images and videos
  3. Click ‘Send For Review’
  4. Wait for your listing to be reviewed, it will then appear on the ATDW and on the sites of a network of distributors

Tourism operators located in Victoria pay a fee for a 12 month business listing on ATDW. As of 1 July 2018, standard listings are $295, businesses accredited through ATAP pay a discounted rate of $120. Events and Not for Profit organisations are free. Tourism operators located in NSW are not charged any fee to create or update a listing.

Visit Victoria has released a range of helpful fact sheets which are available for download below;

For more information check out the ATDW websiteDestination NSW free webinars or Visit  Victoria