Enhance your digital literacy

Connecting with your customers in hibernation and reactivation

The Enhance your digital literacy training program is designed around four themes, tailored specifically for the tourism industry:

Module 1: Digital strategy for tourism

Module 2: Digital marketing

Module 3: Facebook marketing

Module 4: Instagram for tourism

There are three pre-recorded one hour webinars per module, allowing you to spend more time to really understand each topic.

While these webinars were delivered as part of our 2018-19 industry development program, the information provided is still very relevant and a great way to develop or check in on your business' digital strategy.

Digital strategy for tourism

In a world that is becoming increasingly 'digital', this is a huge opportunity for any tourism business that wishes to get ahead of the competition and lead the way. In fact, successful leaders are already developing smart strategic digital initiatives to create value and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Do you want to develop your own digital strategy and become a market leader too? To do so, you will need a structured and efficient methodology to create effective strategies.

During this training, learn how to define and implement the right digital strategy for your business, which will define your key business objectives and assist you to reach the right people.

Webinar 1: Taking stock of your business

Webinar 2: Strategy building blocks

Webinar 3: Understanding digital analytics

Digital marketing

These webinars are designed to help you understand the key digital marketing foundations and how you can integrate all aspects of these into your successful digital marketing strategy. The program will equip you with the digital marketing skills to help you grow your business.

Webinar 4: Digital marketing fundamentals

Webinar 5: Content marketing and SEO

Webinar 6: Email marketing for business

Facebook marketing

Every day, billions of people are active on Facebook. Having your business and your brand on Facebook is the best way to reach millions of potential new customers that are interested in you, your product, your experiences, services, events, and message.

This training is designed to take you step by step through designing a winning Facebook page through to the latest features, tools and strategies you need to succeed on the world’s largest social media platform.

Webinar 7: Facebook fundamentals

Webinar 8: Facebook content 101

Webinar 9: Advertising on Facebook

Instagram for tourism

This course will help you master Instagram marketing and Instagram Ads to grow your account the right way with the right followers. After completing this course you will have a deeper understanding of the benefits of Instagram, including an Instagram game plan and daily posting schedule, which you can implement right away. You will also be able to create and optimise Instagram Ads organically through the app and Facebook Ads Manager, as well as explore other opportunities to promote your brand through influencer marketing.

Webinar 10: Instagram foundations

Webinar 11: Your Instagram game plan

Webinar 12: Advertising and influencers

Presenter: Despina Karatzias from Institute of Excellence

The webinar series is delivered by Despina Karatzias, founder of Institute of Excellence. Despina has over 15 years of business and digital marketing experience, has published a book Adventures of a Balloon Girl, is an accredited coach and trainer and an all-round champion of small business. She is very proud to only teach topics she has personally implemented in previous roles or in her own business today.