Murray River Road

Imagine an uninterrupted corridor traversing more than 2500 kilometres of breathtaking scenery through our nation’s southern reaches.

An experience rich in 19th-century romance, representing the vast diversity of people and landscapes that line its path. A passage sheathed by ancient river red gums, natural wetlands, top-class restaurants, wineries, cafes, pubs, golf courses and tourist attractions. A destination that could become the next ‘experience of a lifetime’ for travellers, explorers and dreamers around the world.

And now imagine that it already exists...because it does...along the mighty Murray River.

The Murray River Road encompasses an untapped travelling route alongside the mighty Murray River. It has the potential to significantly change the mindset of visitors, positioning the Murray River as an aspirational travel destination to be ticked off the bucket list. Visitors can eat, drink, camp, paddle, golf, drive or boat their way along the entire stretch of the Murray - beginning where the river rises in the Australian Alps and ending where it meets the ocean at Lake Alexandrina. The route can be conquered in one single adventure, or spread out into sections to navigate across the years.

Our opportunity

To showcase the natural beauty and charm of the region and its appealing offerings to new national and international markets.

This includes Australian migrants and younger hipster markets; welcoming them to engage, create, capture and share their adventures in our region.

The evolving journey to date The Murray Region Destination Management Plan calls for an investigation into how to link the region’s offerings and present them to market.

MRT has initiated the development of the Murray River Road concept as a focal project in achieving the aims of the Murray Region Destination Management Plan.

Next steps

MRT is seeking endorsement for the project concept and investment to advance the project. A partnership approach across the three states – Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales – along with the affiliated riverside LGAs, would enable the launch of a comprehensive marketing campaign to fully realise the potential of the Murray River Road. A sustained long term marketing investment is needed to affect change in perceptions of the Murray and deliver significant positive outcomes for the region.

A brochure has been developed to provide more detailed information about the project investment opportunities. Please contact Mark Francis, CEO MRT, [email protected] (03) 5480 7110, if you would like to discuss the project.

Download the brochure