Love the Murray

The Murray Regional Tourism Board has recognised the need to target consumers post COVID and highlight the best our region has to offer.

With international borders closed and everyone’s attention shifted to domestic travel, it is imperative The Murray is on show to consumers in order to capture the market share of Australian travellers.

More than ever, it is an extremely competitive market – with every region aiming to attract domestic travellers.

In market date

The Love The Murray campaign will be in market from 22 March to 30 May, 2021. The program aims to drive the desire to visit, build awareness of the region and the experiences available within all 13 of our Local Government Areas.

Hero Experiences

Those hero experiences include the pillars:
1. Nature (big skies, national parks, outdoor adventures, animals, and road trips).
2. Food and drink.
3. Arts, heritage, history, and culture.
4. Golf.

In addition to running an advertising campaign across Facebook, Instagram, and Instagram Stories, we have created a toolkit, so our industry partners and operators can continue to promote the region with a unified message: Love The Murray.

Download the toolkit and build off the investment being made.