Natasha Callewaert

Natasha Callewaert

Natasha was appointed to the Murray Regional Tourism Board as a skills-based director in October 2019.

Her career spans over 20 years in accommodation, 14 of which she has owned and operated her own businesses all within the Quest Apartments group. Natasha currently owns and operates Quest Wodonga and will open Quest Orange in late 2019.

Natasha joined the Murray Regional Tourism Board as the associate director in March 2018 and founded a new business called Boardroom HQ later in the same year.

Having always been in small business, her experience specifically in team building, leadership and strategic planning have been paramount to her success.  As a business owner for over a decade, Natasha understands the challenges that small businesses face when every role displayed on an ‘org chart’ is often the responsibility of that small business owner.

Natasha moved from inner city Melbourne to Albury Wodonga six years ago and has been a strong advocate for growth in the twin city, with her focus on promoting Albury Wodonga and works hard to maintain strong regional business networks.  She is passionate about her community and actively seeks opportunities to promote the region through her business platform.